Partial wrap for Steve George RacingSt. Louis Blues designFull print and installation on exterior windowsTrailer lettered for a hearing test companyWrapped for The Big BeatPrinted colored bannerSign created for American LegionB.C. Rich guitar wrap
"Upgrade with custom graphics from Xtreme Wrap!"

Xtreme Wraps creates artwork that is transferred to high-grade material which undergoes a lamination process that provides a protective finish and ensures durability. Our wraps are an affordable alternative to custom paint finishes.

  • 739816_581900055169495_761579589_o

    Sports advertising

  • 285878_581897058503128_744492571_o

    Real estate advertisement

  • 285926_581894435170057_612223907_o


  • 740727_581898335169667_700312266_o

    Headphones with full wrap

  • 291300_565237680169066_1170109543_o

    Fully wrapped scooter

  • 460731_565238763502291_346461251_o

    Fully wrapped scooter

  • 474244_565240126835488_2089225730_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 209206_565241520168682_473007548_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 219590_566417646717736_1510337821_o

    Printed cut vinyl and installed for tail wing

  • 474399_566418636717637_1871330999_o

    Printed cut vinyl and installed for tail wing

  • 664497_570021306357370_138776154_o

    Headphones with full wrap

  • 664418_570022269690607_2135454263_o

    Photo on kick drum

  • 736843_581430321883135_1030929380_o

    Full wrap

  • 737839_581431098549724_468329183_o

    Full wrap

  • 740826_581823245177176_436198556_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 703958_581826125176888_1935871117_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 468404_432267750132727_1529304286_o

    Custom guitar wrap

  • 465224_460333030659532_306179462_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 461300_420784801281022_1957624155_o

    Band logo for kick drum

  • 459603_399989863360516_1749528091_o

    Custom guitar wrap

  • 458931_460333740659461_1577284954_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 457675_406637069362462_1370469322_o

    St. Louis Blues design

  • 456695_420781584614677_562030508_o

    Partial wrap

  • 416159_390451800980989_602500751_o

    Headphones with full wrap

  • 415650_383282088364627_924550689_o

    Printed cut vinyl for tail wing

  • 412431_383281021698067_947577096_o

    Perforated see-through printable vinyl

  • 411047_446144498745052_241760088_o

    Designed, printed, and installed partial wrap

  • 341001_269610703065100_6710547_o

    Printable wall material

  • 340821_269612116398292_6059030_o

    Printed banner

  • 340533_369808426378660_262611428_o

    Printed cut vinyl and installed for tail wing

  • 339465_269612336398270_1953071_o

    Printed banner

  • 339036_369809259711910_1226491981_o

    Printed cut vinyl and installed for tail wing

  • 339008_285264961499674_943356005_o

    Colored cut vinyl racing stripe

  • 338173_279871575372346_1608449723_o

    Partial wrap, designed, printed, and installed

  • 336914_378156595543843_1557787927_o

    Full wrap for microphone

  • 336838_358955257463977_905795137_o

    Printed cut vinyl for tail wing

  • 335119_312417948784375_2006132843_o

    Racing stripes

  • 335022_367587699934066_1667804962_o

    Reflective cut vinyl

  • 333956_279871905372313_833078703_o


  • 331574_302947273064776_862410863_o

    Dart board wrapped

  • 331428_278733905486113_586081079_o


  • 330202_335644013128435_368848333_o

    Gibson Les Paul wrap

  • 329770_278734355486068_843916912_o

    Microphone holders

  • 329524_278734928819344_1687550922_o

    Designed, printed, and installed

  • 327763_302948203064683_1724738228_o

    Wrapped dart board

  • 327717_269612569731580_6036478_o

    Printed colored banner

  • 327149_358956834130486_1431894837_o

    Printed and installed see-through vinyl

  • 326865_269613043064866_7250269_o

    Never forget tribute drum kit

  • 325821_358957627463740_1734923888_o

    Printed and installed see-through vinyl

  • 325517_312478688778301_387501670_o

    B.C. Rich guitar wrap

  • 324373_269610923065078_5645090_o

    Firefighter design

  • 323794_358954370797399_2062416080_o

    Cut vinyl for tail wing of Cessna

  • 323206_278734148819422_451412687_o

    Cut vinyl on a metal sign

  • 322658_358956024130567_1932021942_o

    Perforated vinyl that is see-through

  • 322303_367361679956668_1007651783_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 322201_269610483065122_5772356_o


  • 290989_269612863064884_5086169_o

    Sign for auto dealer

  • 290657_285264808166356_1886642210_o

    Racing stripe in colored cut vinyl

  • 290229_269611209731716_5668435_o

    Perforated vinyl that can be printed on

  • 287525_269609633065207_8297462_o

    Reflective cut vinyl

  • 242862_222619507764220_3536253_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 242428_222619261097578_1960131_o

    Printed and installed metal sign

  • 241654_222620224430815_6357520_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 241404_222619377764233_2127140_o

    2 different colors of cut vinyl

  • 240366_222620061097498_5886871_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 240338_222619917764179_6893882_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 221392_214028451956659_4912089_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 220349_222620351097469_6001475_o

    Colored cut vinyl for store hours

  • 219936_214028785289959_7849815_o

    Full print and installation on exterior windows

  • 219615_222619151097589_1724897_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 219244_214028591956645_1417792_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 219027_215059908520180_6243204_o

    Partial wrap

  • 219003_215059808520190_3561965_o

    Partial wrap

  • 218708_214028361956668_4482507_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 218565_222620447764126_3091203_o

    Translucent cut vinyl allows light to show through

  • 218520_222619777764193_1755951_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 201627_214028681956636_2866964_o

    Colored cut vinyl

  • 199093_204231412936363_2309782_n

    3D prism design

  • 195019_203912566301581_7066700_o

    Realistic flame design

  • 194906_204229662936538_755734_o

    Spider web design

  • 193581_203911949634976_5883550_o

    Hot rod flame design

  • 192721_203914462968058_7559392_o

    Auto dealer info

  • 192113_203909529635218_8065590_o

    Advertising for furniture installation company

  • 192032_203914266301411_362750_o

    Wrapped for The Big Beat

  • 191847_203913952968109_536570_o

    Advertising for furniture installation company

  • 172385_204508946241943_4098015_o

    Frosted cut vinyl

  • 477735_472029062823262_1759451271_o

    Partial wrap for Sportsman dirt track car

  • 473406_472030682823100_605420777_o

    Partial wrap for Sportsman dirt track car

  • 467998_420783634614472_585864765_o

    Microphone stand wrapped

  • 467548_446143732078462_418228937_o

    Sign created for American Legion

  • 466853_406554602704042_689311466_o

    Full wrap on Marshall cabinet

  • 466262_460331960659639_340045049_o

    Solid black vinyl

  • 464829_397565620269607_1372637636_o

    Tailgate wrap

  • 462701_406555842703918_1009974287_o

    Full wrap on Marshall cabinet

  • 415322_423757950983707_35782765_o

    Printed and installed 4′x8′ metal sign

  • 415214_378157548877081_1125327314_o

    Wrapped microphone and stand

  • 414591_432361943456641_136489014_o

    Francis Howell High School drum line

  • 414284_361116270581209_1149020469_o

    Park cabinet full wrap

  • 341289_312417538784416_561058123_o

    Racing stripes

  • 340827_292844014075102_1219504015_o

    Partial wrap